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Don't worry, our staff is available to help with your holiday catering.

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Pourover Perfection - a glimpse at our new coffee workshops!

October 16, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in counter culture

Andre demonstrates proper filter folding
pre-infusion 'blooms' the ground coffee
Theresa shows us proper pouring technique
We ended the tasting with a perfect cappuccino - no hotter than 150 degrees please!
Andre demonstrates proper filter folding
Andre demonstrates proper filter folding pre-infusion 'blooms' the ground coffee Theresa shows us proper pouring technique We ended the tasting with a perfect cappuccino - no hotter than 150 degrees please!

Last night was so fun. We invited a few local bloggers that share our love of Cleveland food and fun to learn about some new features of our coffee program and preview a coffee brewing workshop that we’re putting together! Theresa led the program from behind the counter with the help of our beloved Andre (who has taken his talents to Rising Star’s location in Ohio City!), and Amanda, Crystal and Meaghan got an earful of coffee science and technique.

This all started to take shape a couple months ago when we added a pourover setup to our coffee counter. Pourover is a manual brewing process that originated in Japan and is gaining popularity in the American coffee scene. We learned that water should be 195-205 degrees, and timing is important. The pre-infusion stage in which the coffee ‘blooms’ takes 30-45 seconds, and the pourover process is about 2.5 minutes.

Amanda noted that the first cup we tasted had a smoother, rounder texture to it – more similar to the mouthfeel of tea. Theresa explained that this is a benefit of pourover coffee: a thicker filter and a more precise brewing method really feature the flavor and depth of the coffee. We all picked out notes of fruit in the cup brewed with beans from Panama, and a more robust, dark chocolate profile in the Nicaraguan cup.

The pourover process is a spectacle that seems intimidating at first, but we walked away from the demonstration feeling more confident in our knowledge of brewing and proper treatment of coffee. You’re already buying great beans that have been sourced and roasted by coffee nerds who know the science behind best practices; brewing carelessly kind of cancels out those efforts, doesn’t it? While pourover may not realistic for the everyday home coffee fix, it’s a fascinating (and inexpensive) method that you are sure to see more of in the artisan coffee world, and the principles behind it provide some insight on coffee that can improve your daily cup/carafe of brew.

Our first brewing workshop is scheduled for Saturday, November 16th at 2:00pm. More details to come, but expect to learn about different methods and approaches to handling and preparing coffee, tips on selecting varieties and maximizing the inherent qualities of your preferred blend.

Thanks to our blogger friends for joining us in an early evening caffeine buzz yesterday! Within a short hour we went from eager yet slightly bewildered spectators to enthusiastic pourover pupils. It was great to share one of our niche passions with a few friends in the community, and we can’t wait to open this up to more local coffee fans.

stack of coffee cups
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