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All of us at The Katz Club Diner appreciate your support after the devastating fire that closed our restaurant and bar car on 10/7/14. We look forward to cooking in our kitchen again soon.

Our staff is still available to prepare for all of your holiday catering needs and are currently busy cooking in our kitchen at fire food and drink.

Please call Suzanne at 216.932.3333 x 206 for all of your upcoming casual and custom party needs.

Thanks again!
Douglas Katz

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Don't worry, our staff is available to help with your holiday catering.

For Holiday catering  call  216.932.3333 x 206


The grown-up side of the soda fountain

June 22, 2013, 12:00 AM  |  Posted by Emily Richardson in

When brainstorming and planning the menu for The Katz Club Diner, we strove to recreate the classics, satisfy nostalgic food memories and become a place where diner culture and cuisine could be shared with the younger generations. There is truly nothing better than a thick milkshake with hot, salted french fries! Although, a little booze added to that equation could make it a little more interesting for the grown-ups…

From this thirsty train of thought came the ‘Adults Only’ section of the soda fountain menu. Wouldn’t a little rum in your chocolate shake give it just the right nip? The gene wilder shake thinks so. Then there’s the dirty blonde shake, which incorporates whiskey into an already delicious vanilla malt. One of these selections with a diner burger and crispy fries: perfect.

If you’re more inclined toward lime, the gin rickey float and tequila joe float are for you. Both start with our refreshing lime rickey recipe, prepared to order with housemade lime syrup and soda, then topped with housemade lime sorbet. The choice between gin and tequila dictates whether you’re a Rickey or a Joe.

The shakin’ jesse float is in a category all its own. Guinness, espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream – enough said. Your day just got way better.

Something about a silver diner car makes everyone feel like a kid again. The Katz Club Diner team is having heaps of fun with this, but we think we’ve nailed a serendipitous dynamic that caters to the grown-up side of a youthful spirit.

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