Dear Patrons,

All of us at The Katz Club Diner appreciate your support after the devastating fire that closed our restaurant and bar car on 10/7/14. We look forward to cooking in our kitchen again soon.

Our staff is still available to prepare for all of your holiday catering needs and are currently busy cooking in our kitchen at fire food and drink.

Please call Suzanne at 216.932.3333 x 206 for all of your upcoming casual and custom party needs.

Thanks again!
Douglas Katz

fire food and drink

The Katz Club Diner


Don't worry, our staff is available to help with your holiday catering.

For Holiday catering  call  216.932.3333 x 206

The Story

After almost 15 years of success at fire food and drink on Shaker Square, I realize that a restaurant does so much more than serve food and drink; it brings our community together and offers people a break from the realities of daily life. We have always tried to make this experience a real and passionate one. We want to connect with our guest and offer true hospitality and warmth by preparing authentic local food using the best ingredients. We teach our staff how important it is to respect our ingredients, our work and technique.

As we welcome guests to The Katz Club Pop-Up Diner, I want to follow the same model. I want to offer a truly authentic experience that gives the people in our community a sense of pride, hope and joy for our local neighborhood. The Katz Club Pop-Up Diner offers food that has a story, that is prepared with passion and pride and that offers the same respect for its ingredients as food prepared in a more fine dining setting.

The Katz Club Pop-Up Diner strives to offer an occasional One-Of-A-Kind culinary event that can be experienced as a community. We want to offer classic casual experiences from around the world and favorites from our own back yard. Think Asian Noodle Shop, Barbecue, Taqueria, Clam Shack, Burgers and Fries, Indian Street Food, Southern Fried Chicken, Diner Classics and many more.

We look forward to welcoming you as we celebrate food and culture in a casual and authentic way. Please join us as we explore our passions with food. We look forward to sharing these events with you!

Chef Douglas Katz

Doug Katz holding burger
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